Creeps and Cheats and Crooks, Oh My!

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. The moral compass that Auntie Em and Uncle Henry provided has been spun through the eye of the tornado and it has lost its direction.

I don’t have to tell you, right? You watch the news. You make judgments. And, I expect you have a moral compass that tells you a thing or two if you try to tilt it too far in any wrong direction.

Apparently rebellion is afoot, even in the big, White House that’s supposed to be a symbol of the integrity of our nation. But there’s more. We don’t even know what rules the rebellion is against. I don’t, anyway. I’m not an insider. I’m just a tech inventor, a Founder, a CTO, and those aren’t relevant. But, I’m also a mom so here comes the mom rap. And listen up! This is the stuff that you should have learned a long time ago.

1. Don’t take other kids’ toys without asking. (Padding your expense account and buying stuff you want without considering its effects on the whole organization may not seem like outright theft, but it is.)

2. Don’t sneak a peek at other kids’ cards. Really? Even if they aren’t too careful about protecting them? Damn right! (Consider swapping ‘Inside info’ for a more accurate phrase: Trusted confidential material. If you have access to sensitive matters and can’t keep a secret, you belong on the outside, looking for a new job.)

3. Don’t be a bully. And don’t make excuses for bully behavior. (You know what I mean. The greater your position of power, the greater your responsibility to ensure that the rules are fair and the playground is level.)

Violate any of these and you are at best a creep, and at worst a cheat or a crook; or maybe even all three.

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