A Quick Note on Ambition

Ah yes, another Quora reader asked for my opinion on ambition, which sounds an awful lot like the other versions of the same question which use the word ‘leadership’ instead. I have to commend this resourceful lad for considering that the desire to lead may be rooted in one’s desire to rule the world, or a substantial part thereof.

So, I’m not going to put down either. I mean, I do a fair amount of leading, mostly when there’s no one else around who’s stepping up to the plate, so yes, I do have ambition. But it has its vicissitudes.

Look that one up if you aren’t familiar with the word. If you don’t, you’re not as ambitious as you think you are.

Then consider this. In order to use ambition successfully, you have to actually DO a lot. Unless you are the offspring of a despot and if you’re reading this and you are, I can’t help you. So, assuming you are not, here are the three things you can start working on right now.

First, do you have any content for what you are ambitious about? For instance, let’s say you want to be a great producer. How many scripts have you written? More important, how many have you rewritten? If your content satisfies you easily, you are either a genius or you aren’t ambitious enough.

Second, do you have a community? I don’t mean social media ‘friends’ – I mean people who listen to your content and use it to improve their lives in some way. No, you can’t buy that. And if you are that child of despot and have people to do this for you, they are not your community. They are the community of those who bring them in and keep them connected.

Finally, have you given a thought to continuity? Because if your goal is to flip your dream without wondering what will happen to your content and community, you aren’t truly ambitious. You’re just another power-hungry, humanity-deficient, never-to-be-satisfied soul.

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