The End is Coming

Of the year, that is, not the world.

I usually don’t think about my New Year’s resolutions until at least the 30th of December, but I’ve got a couple of big goals for 2019, so I’m starting early. Since it’s easier to give advice than take it, I’m going to write this for you, too. So, here are the resolutions I’m making now I don’t trip myself up on the way to those goals. Maybe you’ll want to use these too, and if you’re reading this after 2019 has begun, don’t worry. You can decide to change ineffective ways at any time of the year!

I hereby resolve to stop believing I can wave my magic wand and stop the clock.There is a writing standard I followed a long time ago of doing five new pages a day. What I learned was that doesn’t add up to 35 pages a week or even 25 so we may as well be realistic and double that overly optimistic time schedule. (This particularly applies to losing weight, which I understand is the most popular New Year’s resolution.) Understand, this doesn’t mean to lose the optimism, just to put it in a more realistic container.

I hereby resolve to stoptrying to control creative outcomes. Books and similar creative projects need to develop on their own schedules, and sometimes the time is just not right for them to see the light of day. If your creative outcome requires other people, like a child, a spouse, a friend, letting go is even more important. Control what you can: your own actions. Acknowledge that isn’t always enough.

I hereby resolve to make sure that any other people involved are truly invested in the same outcome. Most things in life are team efforts, even when it’s your name on the project. But, as you well know, people may say they are on board, but have their own agendas. Are there ways to control this? Not really. (See my first two resolutions.) But, there are ways to minimize interference, and even hijacking, of your goals. Listening to your gut is a good start, and if the latest research is true, taking probiotics may even make your gut smarter.

Just a note on your own resolutions. Remember that investing in yourself takes time – and trust, respect and faith. If you have that, whatever your resolution, it will be more likely to succeed.

Okay, I’m ready for the end – and the beginning!

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