ABC’s for First-Time Entrepreneurs

I don’t know why anyone thinks I have all the answers, just because I’m a tad older than them. (This is one reason for not having a resume past a certain age. Really, do you want to remember all those awful bosses and startup failures?) And I don’t know why they always ask for a certain number of ‘tips and tricks’ as if life can be quantified that way. So I’m going to do this one alphabetically. And only because you asked.

A – Admit you’re a beginner.

This one has always served me well since there are so few things I really know how to do. At least I’m always willing to try. This should explain why my lifetime highest bowling score is way lower than anyone else’s lowest one.

B – Be willing to learn from anyone who is willing to teach you.

This goes double if you are conventionally smart. Other people are just as smart but in their own way and you will be amazed at what they know that you never even thought of.

C – Communicate to everyone who you think can help you.

Even if they can’t, they may know someone who can. And if they don’t, you’ve put your needs out to the Universe.

That’s it for now. Maybe in a few more years I’ll learn enough to go from D to Z…

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