Sometimes, Timing is (Almost) Everything

That’s a pretty big statement I just made, given that my last book was called Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is. But sometimes it is the timing that brings a new team together. Life works like that…

So this blog is really to announce two things, both timing-sensitive.

First, I’ll be on blogging hiatus for a while, working on a series of new projects: my backlist. Not to be confused with blacklist, I hope you understand. A publisher’s backlist is made up of books that are not new. And I have a lot of those, dating back to the time before blogging was invented. Over the years, people have tracked me down and asked if I had an extra copy I was willing to part with. To which, being the non-collector I am, I’ve had to say no. Until, a new (publishing) team appeared… So, dusting and tidying up those old pages for my new publisher will be high priority for the moment. Thanks for understanding.

Second, I’ll be working on a new book or two, and here’s where you can weigh in with your opinion, at least until I firm up which series I want to do first. In broad terms, there are three: one focused on career life; one on personal relationships; one on politics, culture, and the future. You may notice that I do get to each of those areas at least every so often, but blogs and books differ. A lot. Think one blog equals one chapter section. Or, in the alternative, one book equals about 50 blogs. So, you really do need to pull back and focus on the big picture for a longer time when you’re diving into a book… even more so when you’re committing to a series. Naturally, I’d love your input, especially if there’s one particular topic you’d be amenable to writing an introduction on.

So, here’s to timing. It feels right to me, and I hope you’ll agree. Life is too short. Do what you love with people you love and you’ll never miss a minute.



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