Does Every Manager Need to be a Leader?

No one *needs* to be a leader. And even less so if your main job is to get your people to actually accomplish something, in which case, you are a manager.

Here’s how to be a great manager:

  1. Figure out the best way to get where you’re supposed to go.
  2. Figure out the tasks that have to be done to get there.
  3. Assign those tasks in such a way that everyone does what brings them joy. (Note: if this does not align with their ‘job description’ talk to HR if you have to. Jobs should be aligned with real people, not someone’s idea of what those people ‘should’ be like. This goes double for tech people.)
  4. Thank them at the end of every day. They have a choice and a good manager helps their people choose to be productive team players.
  5. And, if the team brings the project in on time, on budget, congratulate yourself privately, even if no one else does. You and I will both know you did what was needed and you didn’t have to read a book on leadership to do it.

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