Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and Not Quite the End of the Story

I was going to end this series with sex, drugs, Rock & Roll, and maybe even time it for the 50thanniversary of Woodstock. But, when you do a series, even though you plan it out at the beginning, other people keep discovering new and notable enhancements, and then you want to keep going.

I’m going to try to keep the sex out of this one and go straight to drugs. Or rather, drug substitutes, since the drugs I’m talking about substituting are the ones you need a prescription for – and either great pharmacy insurance or an unlimited, pre-paid credit card.

I was delighted to read that Neurofeedback training is now the non-drug of choice for kids with attention deficit disorder, because I happen to have a friend who’s an expert in the subject. You may know I used to be in the business of helping people live better. Officially speaking, I was a family therapist. But you also may know how impatient I am, so it was all too slow for most people, and I got into a lot of early technology. Sort of Internet of Almost Things. Hypnosis, biofeedback, some other stuff I’m not going to talk about. But the technology wasn’t available yet to pinpoint what was going on and know how to fix it. Fast. No sitting around talking about how your mother toilet trained you or didn’t let you eat all the cookies you wanted.

Now you can get a brain map that actually shows what’s happening in there and how it’s related to your physical – and emotional – aches and pains, and then there’s the fun part where your brain starts learning a little self-control. So look out, this business is exploding – with adults as well as children, because nothing interferes worse with being an adult than a brain that’s pushing you into temper tantrums. And you’re going to see push back from the drug companies. In fact, my industry insiders tell me it’s already happening. I’m no expert, but the last place I’d invest these days is in antidepressant, antianxiety, antiADD companies. The smart money is probably going to medical weed, but I think the smarter money will go to Neurofeedback. Shout out to my good friends at, or Tennessee Neurofeedback as I affectionately call them.

Oh, and did I mention better sex without the anti-everything drugs?

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