Now for Something (almost) Completely the Same

Yes, I was an enthusiastic Monty Python fan, and no, I never tired of watching the same silly bits. (I think you might have to be over a certain age to understand Python-mania.) They were reliably funny, well into reruns and marathons.

So, as I prepare for a new adventure, I’m going to re-post some of my older blogs which people tell me they re-read and often refer to. I’ll try to stay to the general theme of teamwork and leadership since that’s my arena, but be warned – I will stray at times. Just like my favorite funny people… and that’s where this will be something (almost) completely the same.

As I reread before posting, I know I won’t be able to keep myself from updating some of the blogs with some of the newer ideas that have been stirring around the back of my head. So, if you read something you are pretty sure you read before, but it’s not completely the same, worry not. It’s me, not you.

Unlike the Python’s famed parrot, I’m alive and well and growing. And that means – for you as well as me – that every moment is new.

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