Expanding Time

“In effective teams, people are able to share time appropriately. They cooperate over it and in the act of sharing it they actually cause it to expand.” – Dr. Janice Presser

Apparently I said that a while back because I found it quoted (with appropriate attribution no less!) a while back. I checked with the person who quoted me so I could remember what I meant when I wrote it and fortunately I haven’t changed my mind since. I was helping a client run a sales meeting that turned into a great example. The entire sales team – including the sales support people – and no two people were clones of each other, as is so often the case. At the end, the newest team member was marveling over how much had been accomplished. And, interestingly enough, because so much was going on, there were times when not everyone was in the conference room.

No matter how well I *know* this stuff, it is always a miracle to me. It’s sort of like being pregnant and at the moment of birth everyone goes ooo and ahhh like they couldn’t figure out what was going to happen. This is simple. If you’re pregnant, you get a baby (or occasionally more than one.) If you’re a functional team, you create more resources for everyone, the most exciting of which is the magic of expanded, sacred, shared time.

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