The Declaration of Interdependence: An Introduction

Every year for the past nine, I’ve spent a few days mid-Autumn with the amazing Ray Wang, founder of Constellation Research, his team of analysts and staff, and as diverse an array of executives as you find at this sort of event, mostly global innovation, tech, and digital leaders. I always leave with more questions than I arrived with, some prosaic, some cosmic.

This season, I was inspired to revisit some thoughts I’d had back when I was limiting myself to the prescribed 18 minutes of TED. (If you think it’s hard to write a dissertation, try limiting yourself to 18 minutes worth of words. Which really means no more than 14, as I was summarily ordered. And which means slowing down my native New York tempo. You can see the results here.)

So I started with something that filled me with passion, with urgency, with the kind of energy that feels channelled from someplace deep and mysterious. I recall that, at first, its title included the word manifesto, which did not go over well with those who thought I should be talking about a tamer version of teaming, focused on business results. It demanded to be written, although only a few lines survived in the talk.

Since the rest was deep-sixed then, it’s never been published in its entirety. I gave some thought to including it in the book I’m working on now, but some pieces require their own platform, and that would not be it. But, since this is my blog – my unfiltered, unedited, unrestrained platform – and since there is too much passion in this for me to re-bury it, I think it has found its home. Not a perfect fit, because that is an illusion for anything, but the place I’ve decided to put it. 

Over the next month, I will post it in three sections. The first lays out some basic ideas. Maybe they will get a nod of assent from you, maybe not. I’m not looking for agreement, but to open dialog. The second section focuses on teaming, and the third on leadership.

It is now called The Declaration of Interdependence. While no longer titled a manifesto, I feel no less passionate about it than when the words first dripped from my pen. I hope it inspires your passion too, in the abundance needed to put ideas into positive action.

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