To HR, with Love

So you are searching for a manager who is a “big picture visionary with great attention to detail” – or at least that’s what the hiring manager told you. No problem… since I don’t have to recruit for you. But I’m feeling this obligation to let you know why this job description bullet point won’t work. 

This is the work equivalent of requiring someone to see far sighted and near sighted at the same time. The science works against you.

My optometrist once let me try on contact lenses purported to replace gradient lenses (which are the stylish upgrade for old-fashioned trifocals.) 

It was an amazing experience – everything near became more near (and hence more fuzzy) and everything far became further (and a total blur.) While it was fine for remembering the 60’s (only kidding, kids, Mom did not do that stuff) the lenses were not very good for doing anything of consequence.

Nor would any manager who actually fit that description.

Work is inherently stressful, more so with deadlines, people who won’t cooperate, and the myriad distractions of the rest of life. The more you ask people to do contradictory things – like looking far ahead while watching every little detail the moment it marches by – the more you are fertilizing the ground for stress, anxiety, and discord – both internal and external.

So please, while you’re proofreading that job posting, please give it the once over for stress enhancing items. You’ll have a happier workforce and a more productive career.

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