The Leadership Library

Someone asked me what their leadership library should contain. I stopped myself from flippantly replying, whatever ebooks you can borrow from your local library… because before I did, I realized that I had no idea why they were doing this. So I answered, and here I will share…

If you’re developing a leadership library and are interested in diversity and inclusion, you might want to support women and minorities who’ve written on the subject. (Feel free to visit my author page on Amazon.) But first think through why you’re spending your money this way.

Do you want to read about how people have led, or do you want to learn to be a better leader yourself? If the former, check first if your local library has e-books for borrowing. (See, I did sneak that in.) Then if you don’t find something of particular value, you can get rid of it with nary a thought about how many trees are felled to produce paper. If the latter, you might spend your money better going to places where you can observe leaders in action. Sad to say, way too many leadership books have been written by people who were pretty miserable leaders. (Ask the people who worked for them…)

Also, remember that leadership has a lot to do with the actual people who are being led. Focus on them. Ask them what they want from you. It might be direction, inspiration, cold hard cash, or any combination. As long as that aligns with your deepest desire to lead, you’ll be fine. Not as fine as you potentially can be in a year or more, but fine for the moment…

Because above all, leadership is a process. Do better every day, by whatever measures are important to your situation.

Lead on, my friends!

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