Life is so much easier when you immediately ‘get’ people. And it’s so much harder when they don’t get you. ~DrJ

That’s the why of KnowMe™

KnowMe™ is a 21st century assessment, based in systems theory and physics, not in psychology or personality theory.

It’s done online by one person, but it predicts how they will interact with others.

This is possible because everyone who does it has the identical experience, interacting with the same cast of characters in a series of stories.

And, it measures what is critical when you’re interacting with someone, whether it’s for business or in a personal relationship, so the information it generates has multiple applications.

It’s an affordable way to know more about yourself and to give the important people in your life a way to know you!

Try it yourself – just ask!

For You

Your KnowMe™ report can help you make thoughtful, intentional decisions about your life and the lives of others. It honors what you bring to any relationship and can give you new ways to resolve the natural differences that often interfere with solving life problems. It can be used alone or, preferably, with a trained guide, coach, or professional counselor.

For Your relationship

Will your relationship survive the normal – and sometimes overwhelming – stresses of life? KnowMe™ will reveal the natural differences between partners that often interfere with solving life problems. It’s also useful for those who are seeking a healthy, growth-promoting relationship, and can be used alone or, preferably, with a counselor.

for your business

Business owners and executives all face managing the barriers to productivity that seem to arise in even the most well-run companies. Often the results of KnowMe™ are objective confirmation of what you already know, but with suggestions for actions that will improve the structure and function of the organization.


Not for Recruiters Only

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