About Dr. Janice

Dr. Janice Presser has been engaged in research and development of teaming science and team analytics for her entire career, with a focus on developing more effective business teams and personal relationships. The architect of technology that measures how people interact, she is also author of eight books on various aspects of teaming in business and personal life, which can be found on her Amazon author page. KnowMe™ is her most recent development in helping people understand who they are, how they contribute within their relationships, and how they can make life better.

To see some examples of her presentations, as speaker and panelist, see her speaker profile here and her podcast guest profile here.

Her TEDx talk here.

Her Constellation Connected Enterprise contributions here.

And some fun videos she’s made here.

DrJanice@DrJanicePresser.com is the best way to reach her, although if she’s traveling it might be a day or so before you get a response. No worries! If you’re a member of the press on deadline, or a meeting planner in search of a speaker or panelist, or an executive needing an immediate discreet discussion, this email is monitored to ensure confidentiality.

Some favorite speaking topics include:

  • Life is so much easier when you immediately ‘get’ people. And it’s so much harder when they don’t get you. How letting people know who you really are, in relationship to – and with – them, can transform your life.
  • Storytelling, Podcasting, Blogging, and more – What if WHY you connect is more important than HOW you do?
  • Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is. – What if the secret to success is in how and with whom you team, and has less to do with timing?
  • Teamability for Digital Transformation – HBR has published so many litanies of large companies’ failed digital transformations. Digital proficiency, check. Leadership on board, check. Teaming science? Probably missing.
  • Diversity isn’t Enough. How’s your Teaming? – Diversity, inclusion, equity. All good, but if profitable productivity is your goal, it’s not enough.
  • Why your Innovation Initiative Failed – Congratulations. You focused on leadership and process, instituted elegant controls, and were very successful at demotivating your innovation underground.
  • Culture Happens – Unless you design your culture – and your subcultures – from the ground up, you’re going to settle for what happens. The laws of physics, especially entropy, apply here.
  • True Confessions, or as her digitally-21 self calls it, ‘my #truth’ – The POV of a woman who was not raised to be an inventor, architect of a new technology, CEO, or much more than a wife and mother. Not for women only.

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