Teaming Science

Teaming Science is a truly new and useful way to understand what’s going on in teams. There’s a simple process that takes the leader only two to three hours to gain a deep understanding of their team – the people and the dynamics between them. Often it’s objective confirmation of what the leader already knows, but with suggestions for actions that will improve the structure and function of the organization.

The team members, including the leader, each invest less than an hour to have an individual online experience, specifically designed to help them develop themselves. The follow up one-two hour advisory session with the leader follows their objectives, often to enhance performance and get ready for rapid growth or to deal with a top-heavy organization that needs pruning. By identifying and understanding where structural strengths exist, and where they need to be reinforced or rebuilt, strategy leads to actions that drive, inform, and guide positive changes.

If you’d like to have a conversation about Teaming Science and how it can work for your business, drop a note to Or if you want information about the latest in understanding yourself, your personal relationship, and other specific business needs, just ask, and I’ll share some pre-publication news.